Additional Services

additional servicesMore than just a full-service painting contractor, Johnson Paint Company & More offers a wide range of services dedicated to beautifying your home or business. We are here to ensure your property consistently looks its best, stands out and retains its maximum possible value.

We specialize in providing each and every one of our clients with a personalized service experience that meets their building’s precise and individualized needs.

Revitalize Your Building

Sometimes a coat of paint isn’t enough to restore the splendor of a building. When your home or business needs a little bit more, you can rely on us to perform a wide range of upkeep and restoration services. Some of our capabilities include:

  • Drywall Repairs: We offer drywall repair in Kernersville, NC to fit patchy or downtrodden drywall. No matter the extent of damage in your home or business, we’ll assist you with restoring it to its former glory—whether that means simple patching or hanging a completely new sheet.
  • Wallpaper Removal: To effectively paint and beautify your home, it’s sometimes necessary to do away with the old. We’ll remove wallpaper from your home or commercial space to change the style and set a good foundation for a fresh coat of paint.
  • Carpet Removal: Carpeting is an excellent and comfortable choice of flooring for many homes. Unfortunately, it needs to be replaced occasionally to prevent the spread of dirt and allergens, or just to remove its worn-out appearance. We’ll help you make your home look as good as new by taking out old carpeting.
  • Power Washing: We provide power washing to Kernersville, NC clients with extreme debris removal and cleaning needs. This is an essential step to take before investing in a coat of new exterior paint. It’s also a great way to put some extra shine onto a coat of paint that has a few years of life left in it.

Invest in Your Building

By working with Johnson Paint Company & More, you are investing in the future of your home or commercial space. Continue enhancing the value of your property by reaching out to us at 336-486-8549 to schedule a wide range of property revitalization services.

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