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At Johnson Painting Co. & More, we understand the key to achieving the best finish on any painted surface is in proper brushwork by a seasoned professional. This is precisely what you’ll get from Johnson Painting Company & More when you call. We’ve been the premier house painter in Winston-Salem, Oak ridge, Clemmons, Louisville, rural hall, Greensboro Western Side, High Point, Colfax and the broader area for over 25 years, with a proven reputation for delivering excellence with every coat.

Our talented team of house painters at Johnson Painting Co. & More can't wait to help you update your paint job with a new color or design or even just touch up chipped areas. Trust Johnson Painting Co. & More to make your next house painting project fun, rewarding and worth every penny!

INTERIOR PAINTING IN the greater WINSTON-SALEM, Oak ridge, clemmons, Louisville, rural hall, Greensboro western side, High point, Colfax area!

Painting the interior of your space is a surefire way to make your mark on your home or business. By painting your walls, molding and doors, you are leaving your personalized style or business’ branding on display for everyone to see. It’s a clean, cohesive way to bring the entire space together. Johnson Painting Company & More is the premier interior painter in the Winston-Salem, Oak ridge, Clemmons, Louisville, Rural Hall, Greensboro Western Side, High point, Colfax, NC area, offering a wide range of abilities to bring your interiors to life. We work with you extensively to execute your vision and leave a lasting impression on your walls for all to see. No matter the color, size of the space or architectural features, count on us for professional-caliber results.

Our team provides a wide range of interior painting services that help you make the most of your home or commercial space. We work with you extensively through every step of the interior painting process, from paint selection to clean-up. Here are just some of the services we offer:

Interior House Painting: We’ll help you leave your mark and customize your living space. You can count on us as the foremost interior house painter in the greater Triad area, NC to leave your home looking better than ever before, updated and relevant in its interior presentation.

Interior Commercial Painting: Leave a lasting impression on your customers, associates and employees by investing in a high-quality coat of new paint. We welcome a wide range of commercial painting opportunities and have diverse experience lending our talents to businesses of all types

Crown & Base Molding Painting: Don’t sweat the small stuff—leave the detail work to us! We’ll paint and refinish even the most detailed crowns and base moldings. You can rely on us to assist you with a wide range of refinishing services.

exterior painting in the greater winston-salem, Oak ridge, clemmons, Louisville, rural hall, Greensboro western side, High point, Colfax area!

Set your home or business apart by investing in a fresh new coat of professional-looking paint. Johnson Painting Co & More is the premier exterior painter in the Winston-Salem, Oak ridge, Clemmons, Louisville, Rural Hall, Greensboro Western Side, High point, Colfax area, helping you add curb appeal and value to your commercial or residential property.

We work with our clients extensively throughout the entire exterior painting process, to help you select the type and style of paint that suits your building the best, while making recommendations on color scheme or application. We pride ourselves in our craftsmanship and attention to detail, alongside our specialized knowledge of exterior painting—such as weatherproofing and vinyl painting. You can count on us to leave your home or business looking better than ever.

From a fresh coat of paint to your home, to rebranded colors for your commercial storefront, our team is ready to apply the paint that breathes a fresh, new look into your building. Here are just some of the ways that we can assist you in making your building’s exterior look better than ever:

Exterior House Painting: Whether you’re sprucing up your home for your own viewing pleasure or are hoping to increase its value before bringing it to market, you can trust us as the foremost exterior house painter in the Winston-Salem, Oak Ridge, Clemmons, Louisville, Rural Hall, Greensboro Western Side , High Point, Colfax, NC area to get the job done right!

Exterior Commercial Painting: We can help your commercial space stand out from the competition and attract customers. We assist you with painting retail spaces, apartment buildings and office structures. Our abilities include touch-up work, complete repainting or specialized paint jobs.

Door Painting & Staining: Ensure the entry way to your home or business is clean and inviting by investing in high-quality painting or staining services. We will help you put your best face forward, to guests and customers alike.

additional services

More than just a full-service painting contractor, Johnson Paint Company & More offers a wide range of services dedicated to beautifying your home or business. We are here to ensure your property consistently looks its best, stands out and retains its maximum possible value. Whether your home is need of some light carpentry work or there’s rotten wood on your windowsill or deck that needs to be replaced, Johnson Painting can help. Do you have the need for a carpenter, but don’t necessarily need a full carpentry crew? We’re called Johnson Painting Co. & More for good reason, friends! We specialize in providing each and every one of our clients with a personalized service experience that meets their building’s precise and individualized needs.

revitalize your Home

Sometimes a coat of paint isn’t enough to restore the splendor of a building. When your home or business needs a little bit more, you can rely on us to perform a wide range of upkeep and restoration services. Some of our capabilities include:

Drywall Repairs: We offer drywall repair in the greater Winston-Salem, Oak Ridge, Clemmons, Louisville, Rural Hall, Greensboro Western Side, High Point, Colfax, NC area to fit patchy or downtrodden drywall. No matter the extent of damage in your home or business, we’ll assist you with restoring it to its former glory—whether that means simple patching or hanging a completely new sheet.

Wallpaper Removal: To effectively paint and beautify your home, it’s sometimes necessary to do away with the old. We’ll remove wallpaper from your home or commercial space to change the style and set a good foundation for a fresh coat of paint.

Light Carpentry Work: Johnson Painting will consult with you on all aspects of color selection and process, making sure that your project is completed to your preferences and vision. However, we’ve been at it long enough to know that sometimes that necessitates carpentry services. For that reason, Johnson Painting also provides wood rot repair, among other light carpentry services. We’re skilled at removing and replacing dry rotted wood and refinishing woodwork.

Power Washing: We provide power washing to Winston-Salem, NC and the surrounding areas. Clients with extreme debris removal and cleaning needs. This is an essential step to take before investing in a coat of new exterior paint. It’s also a great way to put some extra shine onto a coat of paint that has a few years of life left in it.


Johnson Painting Co. & More is here to help our loyal clientele with any of their painting needs. Services include interior and exterior residential and commercial painting, wallpaper removal and installation, and much more. You can count on us to provide quality, affordable service that you can trust. Our goal is to exceed our customer's expectations every step of the process. Speak with one of our associates today, to receive an accurate estimate on our services!

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